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Why Google beat Yahoo in the Internet war?

Yahoo build empire that is slowly fading for years. What made this company failed to compete with Google?

Only a decade ago, Yahoo's "big" technology village, ready to acquire smaller rivals but now going bankrupt. Meanwhile, Google just small company in Mountain View, has become a valuable business globally.

Why Yahoo is the loser, and Google is the winner? All well by approach both to the core infrastructure in the context of rapidly changing technology.

First: Build fast and built to survive the final

Top of the new millennium, Google and Yahoo comes in two different paths to achieve large scale to meet the growing needs of the economy, the Internet (search, email, maps, ...). For Yahoo, the solution closely linked with NetApp. It allows companies to quickly build, install and use the application server to meet market demand.

But in Mountain View, Google began building the technical base of the company's own file system called. In particular, it can function as a platform that can serve a variety of services that Google offers. Instead of using the latest storage devices as the basis, the company uses the commercial server architecture to support flexible and customizable, with the ability to serve its own ecosystem. From the application site, a map to the cloud storage can be flexible support.

Second: expansion of complexity

It took four years of continuous development and technical manpower consuming, the files of the new Google system satisfactory to use for these important activities. Meanwhile, Yahoo has added more filters NetApp almost immediately to keep up with the demand for its services. In the past, Yahoo's onetime rival in the race to dominate the Internet.

However, the rapid market access Yahoo has appeared more vulnerable. As demand continues to expand and diversify, defects appear synchronous infrastructure. It causes the resource to costly reconstruction NetApp when Yahoo would like to offer the new service.

Results, Yahoo faced similar problems in different services. NetApp platform caused a shortage costs, resulting in stunted the growth of the company. But for Google, the service acquisition system integrated into its files. In addition, the server system is built flexibility, take advantage of multi-tasking capabilities. Thereby, reduce costs but improve efficiency.

Finally: the importance of new beginnings

This may be a simple story about the flexibility of the architecture. With the principle of "Understanding the problem before considering the solution", this is the lesson for the sustainability of the company. Moreover, businesses like Amazon and Facebook is gradually build infrastructure for their own if not lose positions are in the hands of emerging companies. Companies always have new beginnings to manually refresh yourself, avoid being overtaken.

Google sacrifice immediate growth for the long term sustainable development in Silicon Valley. Current results are clear, Google is the victor in the war on the Internet. Yahoo, a legend decades ago, is slowly sinking into the past.

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