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Agency US nuclear weapons still used early IBM PC

Nuclear arsenals of the United States is still being controlled by a series of outdated technology, such as 8-inch floppy disk, according to a report from the Office of Government responsibility.

The report titled "The federal agency should review the old storage system" is posted on the Portal technology to the Government.

One of the engines of this operation is obsolete control system automatically warfare by the Pentagon, is responsible for coordinating the nuclear forces like nuclear bombers or ballistic missile continent. According to reports, this system is already running on an IBM Series / 1, a minicomputer with only 16KB of memory.

We know for sure that this obsolete technology has been used at least since 2014, when CBS broadcast the daily lives of the staff department of nuclear missiles.

At that time, the Air Force officer said that the use of such old systems is a good thing, because the hacker can not attack today on the device is not connected to the Internet.

However, that notion is changing. The report also said the Defense Department is planning to upgrade the data storage capacity, processing expanded naval base, the last set-top, desk-top to the end of fiscal year 2017.

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