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Apple may be the next Microsoft

Apple is in the position of Microsoft in the past: to dominate many markets, with the breakthrough idea, but they should be soon invested in the future to maintain this position.

Last week, business people and also the developer Marco Arment iOS veteran made the comment staggering: without a serious investment for artificial intelligence, Apple will go into the BlackBerry's footsteps.

Arment wrote: "Today, Amazon, Facebook and Google are betting heavily on artificial intelligence. Virtual Assistant, the voice interface everywhere. Hopefully they will become the next generation of technology. If that be true, I worry for Apple ".

This seems to get consensus from the majority of the senior figures in Apple. Perhaps Apple has not invested with artificial intelligence in many other such names, when they only play a very small role in the AI ​​community.

But with more than $ 200 billion of reserves, along with partnerships from all over, Apple absolutely can "buy" is what they need - a luxury that RIM, later renamed the BlackBerry, has no when the iPhone debuted in 2007.

Apple is the company most valuable in the world. And even though there is little decline in sales in the last quarter, they reached a desirable profit margin for any company.

Great opportunity not to many times. Skip BlackBerry, Microsoft understands this better than both.

When the iPhone debuted in 2007, Microsoft has made firm steps. They have made the right investments in the field of smart mobile with Windows Mobile, the innovative technology that time, most of the companies are using Windows, all linked together to form a block of infinity steady.

So, in 2014, recognized the lag though, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer again more seriously wrong: the struggle for the acquisition of Nokia's handset business for $ 7.2 billion in an effort to make the phone running the Windows operating system.

This is a major failure, Business Insider said. Microsoft spent $ 7.6 billion in 2015. The research firm Gartner issued a report on mobile phone market intelligence, while Microsoft only showed less than 1% market share. This is completely avoidable if they are aware of their actions sooner.

Lessons for Apple and its shareholders: money is not everything. Some big names have to have a strategy, foresight, how to operate and bravery of a leader.

It is important to remember, while Microsoft lost throne is when Apple climb glory. In fact, as the new CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella, together they sit down, assess the history, lessons learned and make a revolution across all product lines (except smartphone).
Similarly, hard to believe that Apple is doomed fate. Whether assistants and virtual reality will be part of the future, we will still need to smartphones in a long time, and Apple still has a pretty good market here.

But, as Arment noted, if Google and other companies are embracing the power of artificial intelligence, Apple will follow the path that Microsoft changed the strategy and accept the future - not only in exchange of money but also the culture as well as their vision.

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