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Bkav published worrying situation of the Internet in Vietnam by using Chinese equipment

The group's research on the state of security for the 21 million Internet routing equipment (routers) worldwide showed that more than 5.6 million worldwide router are contained vulnerabilities. In Vietnam, the figure was 300 thousand, which means 300 thousand network of families, agencies, enterprises are facing the risk of network security.

More than 300 thousand routers Internet in Vietnam is contained vulnerabilities, of which over 90% is produced in China - is newly Bkav figures published a study based on a large scale.

According Bkav, among the types of vulnerabilities on the router, often dangerous vulnerability exists in the authentication mechanism of the administration page. Taking advantage of this vulnerability types, hackers can pass the authentication mechanism, seized control of the router. In addition, some types of router allows access to the DNS configuration page without logging in, the hacker can change the router's DNS server spoofing, which controls the entire web access of users in the network . Users can be attacked by other forms of MITM attacks, phishing to steal bank account, social networks, email ...

The router also called router, the computer networking equipment used to transfer data packets through an internetwork and to the terminal. Speaking in an understandable way, Internet access for most families, offices are now made through the connection to the wired LAN or wireless router.

According Bkav, since 2014, many security vulnerabilities on the router to be discovered and made public, of which there are vulnerabilities allow hackers to easily hijack the remote system, are collectively Bkav Hole Pet.

"We anticipate a lot of user's router can never be patched Pet Hole, because the patched vulnerabilities on network devices more difficult than a flaw in the software. This alone end Bkav performed a study with more than 21 million are at risk router vulnerabilities exist throughout the world to find the answers, and give warnings and instructions to fix "- Mr. Ngo Tuan Anh, Vice president network Security in charge of Bkav said.

On that basis, the study was conducted Bkav by building a separate system for this project called Pet Hole Checker (PHC) to scan each IP in the router database globally 21,465,118 under without taking the router's admin password, which only returns YES and nO 2 status, with YES means that routers have flaws and can be exploited, and nO is safe router flaw.

Research results indicate Bkav of 5.6 million worldwide network vulnerabilities exist Hole Pet, India, Indonesia, Mexico "led" in the number of vulnerable routers. Vietnam is among the top 5 countries with the most vulnerable router, whereas most of the countries of the G8 group of countries not belonging to the top 10 systemic vulnerabilities exist most.

More than 90% of the router has been manufacturing flaw in China

One point worth noting in the study was that 93% Bkav routers have flaws are produced in China, which ranked "top" is the TP-Link router - accounted for 75%, followed by ZTE (13%), Huawei (3%), D-Link (2%).

According Bkav, the vulnerabilities are considered in the study are publicly available from the middle of 2014. However, by the time of the study, ie after 2 years, a lot of the latest router model sold out the market has not been updated patch.

Bkav offering affordable questionable vendors deliberately left open the gate so that when necessary, can intervene to get information, to paralyze the system, or perform many other actions are not transparent?

Bkav also said the flaw Heartbleed even more dangerous - one of the biggest security holes in Internet history. Because, while the Heartbleed must be qualified security professionals can successfully exploited, the exploitation Pet Hole just basic skills.

According to the company, with only a few instructions, even users with little knowledge of network security can also attack a vulnerable router without any difficulty; an amateur hacker can also successfully exploited to intercept the information exchanged by the user, DNS redirect visitors to navigate to websites that they desired ... Moreover, while the relative flaw Heartbleed simple is more complex patch Hole Pet lot.

"Router is like the door to connect users to the Internet. The more than 300 thousand systems in Vietnam have potential vulnerabilities even threats to national security. If a country with espionage intrigue other countries they absolutely can do this via a gateway router, "said Ngo Tuan Anh said.

Bkav and provides testing tools Hole Pet vulnerabilities and guidance to overcome at Vietnam Users can use this tool to check your router systems, including integrated WiFi modem router.

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