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Hackers knocked revealed "Facebook homemade" of Korea

Andrew McKean, 18, who Scotland revealed, he has successfully penetrate a social network similar to Facebook's North Korea just hours after the information on this page spread on the net.
Scotland hackers attacked the website address is URL. It is considered the Facebook version of the DPRK and the best social network in this country. The name of the website is named after the company's "Star", the Internet provider for the DPRK.

According to the report, page Starcon placed in the DPRK. Starcon allows users to change personal information, avatars, upload media files, post status, search for friends and chat after registering an account. In addition, they can also send messages and browse the News Feed to see what your friends have posted, according to CNN.

According to McKean, he was guessing the login page after discovering Starcon information based phpDolphin default, a programming code used for social networking. Surprisingly, McKean was able to use the word "admin" and "password" in turn make the information to log into Facebook's Korean version.

While setting Starcon, who manage it have not changed the default login and this is helping McKean holes completely seized control sites. Then, McKean also use advertising space on the page to display the message: "Uh, I did not create this page. Just find (ways) to log only" and the navigation links to Twitter your.

Motherboard Page Scottish hacker quoted further revealed that, you can also re-navigate to the website StarCon against the DPRK. However, social networks have been closed on 31/5.

The majority of North Korean websites are now located in China. The country has 25 million people, but only a few of thousands of Internet users. Facebook and Twitter has been blocked in the past few months DPRK. From 1/4, Internet users in Korea are no longer searchable address on page two.

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